Lesson 4 - Folded Critter-Puppets with Luna

Lesson 5 - Picasso Dogs 3D


Hi and welcome to Lesson 5!

The week has flown by... if you've fallen behind, don't worry! All of the lessons are up and available to you forever... and keep posting to the FB group, too! I will still pop in regularly through the end of next week!

Our last project is called "Picasso Dogs 3D." I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much again for joining us for Kids Art Week 2018! 

Have fun!



Lesson 5 Supplies:

• watercolor paper

• stapler

• markers

• watercolors, paintbrush


Lesson 5 Video:

Kids Art Week 2018! Lesson 4 "Picasso Dogs 3D" 

If you would like to download this video, click the link above and you will find download links below the video screen window. 


Lesson 5 Instructions:

  1. Watercolor both sides of your watercolor paper; let dry.
  2. Cut your watercolor paper in half, and then cut one half down to the two shapes shown in the video. 
  3. Fold and staple the body together.
  4. Take your other half of watercolor paper and draw an eye, a second (larger) eye, a tail, an ear, a tongue, and a paw.
  5. Cut out the pieces.
  6. Now attach these parts to your dog body (anything goes!).
  7. Color with markers and watercolor.
  8. Add other elements as needed. Done!






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