Lesson 2 - Folded Butterflies
Lesson 4 - Folded Critter-Puppets with Luna

Lesson 3 - Taped Rainbow Animals


Hi and welcome to Lesson 3!

Thank you for sharing all of your birds and butterflies! You are the best!

Today's project is a "rainbow" animal made with tape and oil pastels.

Have fun!



Lesson 3 Supplies:

• watercolor paper

• oil pastels

• painter's tape (or masking tape)

• paper towel



Lesson 3 Video:

Kids Art Week 2018! Lesson 3 "Taped Rainbow Animals" 

If you would like to download this video, click the link above and you will find download links below the video screen window. 


Lesson 3


  1. Using torn painter's tape, create an animal design. Remember to look at the INSIDE SHAPE. 
  2. Don't forget an eye or two!
  3. Take your oil pastels and make stripes of different colors. Stay in the tape "lines."
  4. Use a paper towel to smear the colors to make them softer.
  5. Carefully lift off the tape.
  6. Add details if desired.


Lesson 3 Sample Artwork






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