Lesson 1 - Put a Beak On It!
Lesson 3 - Taped Rainbow Animals

Lesson 2 - Folded Butterflies



Hi and welcome to Lesson 2!

I really enjoyed seeing your wonderful birds from Lesson 1. Thank you to everyone who posted them at the FB page, and you can also email them to me as well if you aren't on FB... I love to see them!

Today you are going to make some striped folded butterflies.

Have fun!



Lesson 2 Supplies:

• watercolor paper

• paintbrush

• watercolors

• scissors

• pencil

• stapler

• old credit card to scrape with


Lesson 2  Video:

Kids Art Week 2018! Lesson 2 "Folded Butterflies" 

If you would like to download this video, click the link above and you will find download links below the video screen window. 


Lesson 2


  1. Scrape different colored stripes down a piece of paper. Let dry.
  2. Create a butterfly wing "template" or pattern. Cut out.
  3. Mark an "A" side and a "B" side.
  4. Trace both onto your painted paper and cut out.
  5. Draw a line with a ruler for your stapling guide
  6. Place painted wings together and staple; unfold! 





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