Lesson 4 - Picasso Cats

Lesson 5 - Outsider Art Elephants


Hello and welcome to Lesson 5, our last lesson!

Today we are going to create an elephant inspired by the work of several "Outsider Artists." 

Hurray! Let's get started!


P.S. Steve and I want to thank you again for signing up for Kids Art Week 2017! We so enjoy seeing the kids' beautiful artwork each year, and we plan to be back in 2018, too... please keep in touch!



Today you will need:

-- white and black paint

-- large flat paintbrush

-- painter's tape or masking tape

-- white glue

-- a small cardboard box

-- white paper and black marker, or buttons!


Today's video:

Kids Art Week 2017 - Outsider Art Elephants 

Click here to download video to your computer; this may take a few minutes. Standard | HD




1. Tear your cardboard box down into smaller pieces. 

2. Mix some gray paint and, with the brush "dry", paint your cardboard pieces. Let some of the brown show through and let dry.

3. Make an elephant shape with your pieces and tape down lightly.

4. Glue the pieces together and let dry completely.

5. Turn the piece over and tape the back to help strengthen your elephant.

6. Remove tape from the front.

7. Decide how you would like to add an eye: you can draw right on the cardboard, draw an eye on white paper and cut out and glue, or even use a button.

8. Post photos of your elephants!


And remember!

I want to encourage parents of younger children ESPECIALLY (but really, all of us), to remember to try and make this lesson a positive experience, even if that means not following the steps precisely! ;)

Truly, it's more important for all of us to enjoy the process, whatever the outcome. So please don't worry if the end product is not what you expected... let your children make the assignments their own... their ideas are golden.

I have no expectations that the images posted are "right," and hope you can let those go for you and your children, too. 



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