Lesson 4 - Hundertwasser Houses

Lesson 5 - Picasso Dogs



Today we will create a "Cubist" dog, working in a way that Pablo Picasso might have worked! ;)

Have FUN with it, and I look forward to seeing your paintings online (either at the Facebook group or Instagram #kidsartweek).

Thanks so much!




Today you will need:

-- a piece of dark paper (dark blue or black)

-- 2 crayons: white and black

-- scrap paper

-- scissors

-- glue stick


Today's video:

Kids Art Week 2016 - Lesson 5

Click here to download video to your computer; this may take a few minutes.
Standard | HD



1. With your scissors, cut out the following six dog parts:

   a. an eye
   b. a second eye, three times larger than the first
   c. a nose or a snout
   d. an ear
   e. a tail
   f. a leg or a paw

2. Next, grab your white crayon, close your eyes, and make six dots anywhere on your paper.

3. Now your job is to glue down your six pieces so that each one covers one dot. First glue down two. Then, turn your paper 90 degrees clockwise and glue down two more. Finally, turn your paper again and glue down the last two pieces.

4. Now really look at your paper. Do you "see" a dog? If not, keep turning your paper and looking. Hopefully one of the orientations will excite you to grab your white crayon and add lines to finish it!

5. You can also add black lines to add eyes, fur, or any details. 

6. Now it's time to ask yourself this question: "Do I love it?" If so, STOP!! If not, go to Step 7.

7. Get some white paint and fill in your lines. Your paint strokes can be loose and sloppy (think "fur"), and you can paint right over the collage papers if you wish.

8. Once dry, add final details with a black crayon.

And have fun!


Here are some samples. The first two are collage and line only:



And these three I added white paint:




Have fun with this lesson! Post your images at Facebook or Instagram (#kidsartweek).

Thank you so much again for joining us for this year's "Kids Art Week" and I'll see you next year!



P.S. Several of you asked for the names of the books from the videos. They are:

Lesson 1 - Paul Klee - Name of book to come (once I find it LOL)!

Lesson 2 - "Jean Dubuffet: Works, Writings, Interviews" by Valerie da Costa and Fabrice Hergott

Lesson 3 - "Robert Motherwell: Early Collages" by Susan Davidson

Lesson 4 - "Hundertwasser" by Harry Rand

Lesson 5 - "Pablo Picasso: Living Art" by Hajo Duchting


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Thank you so much Carla for all these inspiring ideas very well presented.
I appreciate so much that we can download the videos and that all is so well documented.
I really can feel your passion in what you do in those video.
Thanks again,


Thank you for an awesome art week - this is so fun! I wish it could be every week :-)

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