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Lesson 1 - Paul Klee Name Paintings



Here we are! Lesson 1. Thank you so much for signing up, kids and "kids-at-heart" too!

Today's project involves an easy watercolor technique... but I want to encourage parents of younger children ESPECIALLY (but really, all of you), to remember to make this lesson a positive experience, even if that means not following the steps precisely! ;)
Truly, it's more important for all of us to enjoy the process, whatever the outcome. So please don't worry if the end product is not what you expected... if this is the case, you can join a very large club, because it's true of ALL art, for all of us!
I have no expectations that the images posted are "right," and hope you can let those go for you and your children, too. 
Let this be a fun time for all of you! So let's get started!

Today you will paint your name using the paintings of artist Paul Klee as your inspiration.

Have FUN with it, and I look forward to seeing your paintings online (either at the Facebook group or Instagram #kidsartweek).

Thanks so much!




Today you will need:

-- Paper. You can use a mixed-media sketchbook or any piece of stiff paper (or watercolor paper), about 5" x 7".

-- crayons

-- set of watercolors

-- paintbrush

-- water and rag

-- optional: ruler


Today's video:

Kids Art Week 2016 - Lesson 1

Click here to download video to your computer; this may take a few minutes. Standard | HD



What is your name? Today you will create a name painting in the style of Modern Artist Paul Klee.

1. Draw a grid with a crayon. You can use a ruler if you like, but it's okay to draw it freehand (and it doesn't need to be neat, either!) Make sure you have enough boxes for each of the letters of your name. Add a row of boxes on the top and bottom of your name, too.

2. Using the chart below as a guide, write in your name in the middle row using a second crayon color.

3. Next, paint! Get out your watercolors and mix up a light color, and begin filling in the shapes. Use as many colors as you like! Try not to let the colors run into each other too much (but if they do, don't worry!).

4. Let dry completely.

5. Next add a layer of yellow over the whole grid. Let dry completely.

6. Finally, use a darker color crayon (like blue or green) and go over all of the crayon lines one more time. Done!


Have fun!



Here are a few finished Name Paintings:



Have fun with this lesson! Post your images at Facebook or Instagram (#kidsartweek), and we'll see you tomorrow!



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Becky scott

Hi! i'd like to play these lessons for my kids on our smart tv using my youtube app. Is the first lesson of the week up on youtube yet? I havent found it! Thanks, Becky Scott

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