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Lesson 5 - Oil Pastel and Paint People

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Welcome to Lesson 5!

Today you will create some cool abstracted people with Diane Culhane!

Have FUN, and we look forward to seeing your people online (either at the Facebook group or Instagram #kidsartweek).

Thanks so much!

Carla and Diane




Today you will need:

-- colored construction paper, about 8.5"x11"

-- acrylic paints

-- small brush

-- selection of oil pastels


Today's video:

Direct link: https://youtu.be/Ul56NKmsrl0



1. Pick a sheet of paper and mix a paint color either lighter or darker than you paper color.

2. Paint the edge of the paper, and then divide it in half with a line down the middle (landscape orientation).

3. Paint the outlines of two people, making sure their hands, legs and heads all touch the outer painted edge.

4. Color the shapes with oil pastels.


Here are a few of Diane's examples:



Post your images at Facebook or Instagram (#kidsartweek), and we'll see you tomorrow!



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sheila 77

Really fun and so colourful. Looking forward to trying it! Thanks, Diane.

eva a(r)t work

Beautiful! Thanks for such a great idea!


Very nice idea! Reminds me a bit of old glass windows in churches. Really look forward to trying it out:-) Thanks so much, Diane.

Yara Bertran

All These projects were a lot of fun.
Loved them all, but our favorite ones were the crayon projects with Diane. and Picasso's dogs with Carla.
Thanks Lynn for teaching us about Andy Goldsworthy amazing artist.
Have a great summer.


Love your fun lessons like always, Diane! Thanks so much, Corinne

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