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Lesson 4 - Nature Faces

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Welcome to Lesson 4!

Today you will create faces from nature with Lynn Whipple!

Have FUN, and we look forward to seeing your faces online (either at the Facebook group or Instagram #kidsartweek).

Thanks so much!

Carla and Lynn



Today you will need:

-- rocks, leaves, sticks, pinecones and/or anything else found in nature

-- acrylic paints

-- small paintbrush

-- camera or smart phone

-- optional: face from a magazine 


Today's video:

Direct link: https://youtu.be/OTWwWCbpf8k



1. First, go outside and collect some nature pieces and parts!

2. Now gather your supplies and start moving things around. Make a face! 

3. Use paint if desired.

4. Snap a photo.

5. Repeat!

6. Optional: Leave your creations out in the world like artist Andy Goldsworthy! Click HERE if you want to know more about this wonderful artist.


Here are a few of Lynn's examples:


Post your images at Facebook or Instagram (#kidsartweek), and we'll see you tomorrow!



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