Lesson 5 - Oil Pastel and Paint People

Lesson 6 - Modigliani Portraits

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Welcome to Lesson 6, our last lesson (so sad)!

Today you will create a Modigliani Portrait with Carla Sonheim!

Have FUN, and we look forward to seeing your portraits online (either at the Facebook group or Instagram #kidsartweek).

Thanks so much!




Today you will need:

-- watercolor or stiff paper, about 8.5"x11"

-- water soluble markers

-- pencil

-- paint brush

-- water, rag


Today's video:

Direct link: https://youtu.be/koWwUvsMn1k



1. We are going to do a portrait of an adult (can be a parent, a teacher or anyone you like) in the style of Italian artist Amadeo Modigliani. If you would like to know more about this artist before we go further, click HERE. And here is a screenshot when I "googled" Modigliani portraits:


2. Next: Draw your portrait using these steps:

a. Draw a "U" shape for the face.
b. Draw hair and ears.
c. Draw the neck (two lines).
d. Draw the collar and shirt (have lines go off the bottom of the page).
e. Draw almond-shaped eyes, an "L" nose, and a mouth.
f. Add lines in the background to carve up the space.

3. Color the shapes of each box using a different color for each: red, blue, yellow.

4. Using your paintbrush dipped in water, "paint out" the pigment from the marker and fill in the box. Do all the boxes in the background; let dry.

5. Now outline the person using a black or dark blue marker. Use your water to fill in areas such as the hair, the eyes and the shirt. You're done!


Here is the example of my dad:


Post your images at Facebook or Instagram (#kidsartweek)!

* * * 

Thank you so much again for being a part of Kids Art Week! We loved seeing everything you created. These lessons will remain online and available to you to do again, any time you want. Please tell your friends!!

If you would like to do more art classes like this, please check out our online class catalog at http://www.carlasonheim.com/store/. Diane, Lynn and myself have many different classes to choose from, and all of them can be done with your kids, as we really try to tap in to that child part of us with our art lessons. (You might need to modify them slightly here and there). 

Thank you so much again!

Carla & friends



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Thank you, Carla and Friends! This was such a generous thing you did for us! The timing was perfect too for Summer Art Camp. My printed leaves are twirling in the breeze and other creations from this week are up and in-view. How fun!



I couldn't have said it better, Jeannie..."This was such a generous thing you did for us!"

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