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Lesson 2 - Crayon Resist Night Sky

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Welcome to Lesson 2!

Today you will create a Night Sky with Diane Culhane. 

Have FUN, and we look forward to seeing your skies online (either at the Facebook group or Instagram #kidsartweek).

Thanks so much!

Carla and Diane




Today you will need:

-- a piece of white watercolor paper (or other stiff paper), about 9" x 12".

-- 1 pieces of black paper, about 5" x 12"

-- watercolors

-- paintbrush

-- scissors

-- glue stick

-- crayons

-- salt

-- optional: pencil, colored pencils, oil pastels


Today's video:

Direct link: https://youtu.be/P1fO6pxY2EI



Today you will create a "night sky" using a crayon resist technique. Once that is drying, you will cut out a cityscape with black paper and then glue on for a complete piece.

Press hard with your crayons, and have fun with your designs!


Here are a few of Diane's examples:




Post your images at Facebook or Instagram (#kidsartweek), and we'll see you tomorrow!



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eva a(r)t work

Good morning, Diane! What a brilliant lesson fom you, this morning. Thank you....Crayons out!
Kind wishes from eva (remember: you showed me how to doodle properly earlier this year in Carla's studio! Can't stop since)


Cute! For kids to young to use scissors at all, they could just tear some uneven strips to look like hills and valleys and it would still be pretty. I'm loving seeing what all the kids are doing in class, since I don't have any little ones to make art with.


Great fun, thanks so much x

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