Hello Kids!
Lesson 2 - Crayon Resist Night Sky

Lesson 1 - Picasso Dogs



Here we are! Lesson 1.

Today you will paint a slightly strange dog in the style of famous artist Pablo Picasso.

Have FUN with it, and I look forward to seeing your dogs online (either at the Facebook group or Instagram #kidsartweek).

Thanks so much!





Today you will need:

-- a piece of white watercolor paper (or other stiff paper), about 5" x 7".

-- 1 pieces of black paper, about 8" x 11"

-- red, yellow, blue tempera or acrylics paints

-- paintbrush

-- pencil

-- black marker


Today's video:


Direct link: https://youtu.be/slYX1OUKuhI



Today you will create some dogs... "Cubist" style!

Have fun with your drawing, remembering that each and every Picasso Dog will turn out differently, and some might be completely abstract, some dog-like, some a bit strange, and some super sweet. But they will ALL be wonderful and I look forward to seeing how many DIFFERENT dogs we can make using the same set of instructions:

1. Draw an eye. 

2. Turn paper 90 degrees; draw a second, larger eye.

3. Turn paper 90 degrees; draw a nose or snout.

4. Turn paper 90 degrees; draw an ear.

5. Turn paper 90 degrees; draw a tongue.

6. Turn paper 90 degrees; draw a paw or foot.

7. Connect the elements to create your new dog breed!

Then, have fun painting using the secondary colors: Orange, Green & Purple!


Here are a few more Picasso Dogs:



Have fun with this lesson! Post your images at Facebook or Instagram (#kidsartweek), and we'll see you tomorrow!



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eva a(r)t work

Hi Carla, such a great project for kids and adults as well. I think, you will get a lot of invitations to do classes at schools! I would have loved a teacher like you!!!!
And now I am going to start right away ....Mr Picasso, here I come!

sheila 77

Thanks, Carla, absolutely fascinating! I'm off to paint a "dog" now! Love your style of teaching, so inspiring and friendly.
(From a 10-year old at heart, haha!)

jane w

thank you for this!


This is so scary! I am 64 and signed up for your classes because I know my creativity is locked in the middle of a HUGE block of stone. I started with the birds then moved on to the dogs. I am SO critical of myself....but I keep making birds and now they are looking less like yours and more like mine. Although there are no right or wrongs with the dogs, I'm being harshly judgmental! Not enough of them yet to begin loving my efforts!
But, I am going to keep going in my special "Carla" sketch book. And I am going to learn to berate myself less!
Thanks for the inspiration!


Such a laugh, so enjoying this x

Katie M

My two girls and their friend made Picasso dogs together today on a playdate. They all created weird and wonderful animals and were very proud of their artwork. Thanks for the well explained, easy-to-follow lesson. We are looking forward to our next craft session.

Jenny G

We love the Picasso lesson. My daughter loves art and dogs, so this was a perfect fit for her. Thanks for the lessons.

Carla Sonheim

Thank you, Jenny G.!

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