Lesson 1 - Picasso Dogs

Hello Kids!

Welcome to Kids Art Week with Carla Sonheim, Diane Culhane, and Lynn Whipple! We are delighted that you joined us, and truly look forward to seeing your wonderful creations next week (and beyond!)

Gather your supplies, join the Facebook group, and get ready!

(And if you just can't wait, try doing the Crazy Birds project, below (which Carla taught to 5th graders in Beijing, China last year)... and please upload to the group and introduce yourselves!

Optional Art Project: 

Have fun, and we'll see you bright and early Monday morning!



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jane w

THANK YOU so much! Love this!

Gina Lento

This is pretty awesome.


I signed up to this class with my two younger kids and we very much look forward to Monday! The only problem is that I am not on Facebook and I don't want to join Facebook but we would like to share our work with the group. Could I send our work and introduction per Email to you and you could pass it on to share?


As we won't be on Facebook I will just introduce us here:-) I am a stay at home mum with three kids (13, 10 and 4 1/2) living in Germany. We have Carla's book "Drawing lab" which we love. That's how I found her blog, which I follow now, and how I found out about this Kids Art Week. My daughter Mia (10) is crazy about drawing and already found her own style (I almost feel a bit jealous about this fact as I love drawing too but never got that far... but obviously I am quite proud of her!). Her younger brother Oscar might join in next week too, so far he loves painting with water colors. My older son Finn likes drawing cartoons as he is a big comics fan but he just took the train to Paris today as part of an exchange program. School holidays have just started here yesterday so this Art Week will be such a nice start to the holidays and a great chance to wind down after a very hectic end of the school year period!


Love this! Can't wait for class to begin :)


I am a gramma, whose connection with my 10 grandchildren who are all far from me, is ART!!! We love to share and I am planning to share your classes with them!!! Love the bird and am grateful for what you have offered us to enjoy!!!!
Thank you!!!!

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